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Observing the Inevitable Cover

Observing the Inevitable

Book Two in The Inevitable Series


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The audiobook is in the works!
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Their ancestors had set out to create an autonomous, unified community to protect themselves from conflict. Now that they are long passed, the community’s culture of unity can’t shield it from the developing opinions within the group. The divide only grows as members push each other to the edge in the name of maintaining unity.

An island-sized thunder cube sits outside their home, waiting to explode, while they struggle to keep the group together. Taluson thinks their goal to mine the floating element is not worth their lives. After generations of work, Jenorak won’t stop until they’ve reached it. The leaders become the figureheads of the two sides.

Each member pursues the truth about the group, only to find a blurry line between right and wrong. They find themselves caught in a divide they want no part of. Yet the members are forced to choose a side: stay or leave, live or die.

Observing the Inevitable is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, exploring themes around group conflict, control, and culture. Readers of literary fiction will also appreciate the story since it is heavily ingrained with thought provoking content. This is the story of a group, not a single character. Told through the perspective of many people, it emphasizes the complexities and challenges of membership as the colony is forced to decide their fate.