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The Handyman Book Cover

A Post-Apocalyptic, Dark Comedy

Paul wanders The Wasteland looking for work as a handyman, but he’s mistaken for a murdering maniac known as The Handyman, who’s destroying one town after another. It makes finding work and staying alive difficult for Paul when, at the sight of a simple hand tool, all the paranoid locals jump for the nearest weapon.

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FAQ: You have questions. I have answers

When you subscribe, you’ll get a welcome email with a link to the audiobook via BookFunnel. Clicking on that link will then allow you to listen or download the free audiobook. BookFunnel makes it really easy to do so. And they handle everything once you click the link. If you have a problem, they have their own customer service to help you directly, which means they’d be so much more helpful than me! But honestly, it’s really easy, and you shouldn’t run into any difficulties.

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It’s a nice 1:50:00 long. One hour and fifty minutes. Almost 2 hours of free audio entertainment sounds like a good deal to me.

Yes. BookFunnel allows you to access the book several ways. Choose what works best for you. Downloading the book to your computer/device is the best way to ensure you have it forever. It comes in an MP3 format.

Please email me at If the link doesn’t work from the email, it might be broken on my side somehow. If you have trouble using BookFunnel, then you’ll want to contact their customer service. Not much I can do once you’re on their website or app.

My self-proclaimed rating is: PG-13. “Shit” is the worst word you’re going to see, and I don’t use it much. There is no gore, or graphic violence. There is no sex. It’s just a guy wandering The Wasteland, trying to survive the crazy, unpredictable world. There are raccoons, and junipers, traps, and car chases! What more could you want?

It’s a post-apocalyptic, dark comedy, light novel…prequel. Some might call it weird west too.

You’re allowing me to email you about book updates, so you’ll know when I release a new book or have a sale. This is good for people who want to continue reading/listening to the series in the future, and it benefits me financially if you purchase a book. That’s the dry bones explanation and ignores any reader-author relationships that can be built. I’ll send updates occasionally about what’s going on in my writing world, and if I update my website with any more fun stuff. Again, if you later decide you don’t want any part of that, it’s really easy to unsubscribe.

It’s a spider. But don’t worry, it’s just hanging out, havin’ fun until something tasty comes along.

Honestly, I don’t think people care that much about these questions. So, I might as well have fun with it. Email sign ups are pretty common. I hope people know what to expect already. Now, if only I can remember to email regularly enough that people don’t forget me completely!

The question is: is it the end, or a part of a fish?