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Privacy Policy (Updated December 17, 2022):

If you share your email, it will never be shared or sold. That’s just nasty business. I’ll have none of that here. You email will be stored using a mailing service used to automate certain emails, and to send out new ones to subscribers. Any data Joshua Coleman collects is never shared or sold. It’s used only to track basic data like website traffic, which pages are visited, or links clicked. This allows me to make informed decisions about the website and its usage. I use Google Analytics to track this basic information while you are on the site, but this information is anonymous to me. Some of your email usage may be tracked via MailerLite. Some email apps prevent this data from being tracked, and you have every right to block it. I use email usage data to track general engagement.

If you wish to no longer share your email, you may use the unsubscribe button on any of my emails, or contact me and ask that I remove your email from my contact list.

Some links (primarily those to Amazon) are affiliate links, which tracks your Amazon usage. However, the only information Amazon shares with me is which products people purchase after a link from my site is clicked. This is all anonymous information from Amazon. They share no other information with me, and I only use that information to help understand how my links may contribute to sales. None of this information is ever shared or sold either. Amazon affiliates earn a small percentage from sales made directly after their link is clicked. This is at no extra cost to the purchaser.

You have every right to your data, and every right to use software that blocks me from tracking your usage. No efforts will be made on this site to side-step your safety precautions. I value your privacy, which is why any data on this site is used anonymously. Data collected via MailerLite is not anonymous (it is assigned to your email). That data may be used to remove emails that are inactive and do not engage within a time frame. Your country is noted, which may help me understand where my primary audience lives, which may influence how I target ads.