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Raccoon Falling

Books by Joshua Coleman

A Handyman Can't Fix The Wasteland Series

Post-Apocalyptic, Dark Comedy, Light Novel

The handyman finds himself hanging upside down by a rope. Is it a trap? Probably. Is he going to die? Probably not, this is a prequel.

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Ebook & Paperback


It’s in the works

Paul wanders The Wasteland looking for work as a handyman, but he’s mistaken for an infamous killer known as The Handyman, who’s destroying one town after another. Paul has two options: convince everyone he’s not The Handyman, or hang by a noose. It could be worse.

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Dead Raccoon

And now for something completely different

Before I started writing dark comedy, I wrote two speculative fiction novels. If you enjoyed Hammer and Wails, then the chances are LOW that you’ll want to read these. They’re not funny at all. In fact, you’re more likely to cry. They’re here because I don’t want to abandon them. I think they’re well written, but I’m simply not marketing them. You’re free to poke around at my old work if you’re curious. Again, be warned, these are vastly different from Hammer and Wails.

The Inevitable Series

Serious Scifi/Fantasy



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A plume of dust spews out of the mountainside, burying the valley in grey. No one knows what it is. No one knows whether it will stop. The colony watches as the powder grows, and they wait for the elders to decide their fate. But no announcement comes. The members are forced to decide whether to break convention and…

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Their ancestors had set out to create an autonomous, unified community to protect themselves from conflict. Now that they are long passed, the community’s culture of unity can’t shield it from the developing opinions within the group. The divide only grows as members push each other to the edge in the name of maintaining unity…

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