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Update 02-22-23

Author Update 02-22-23

Workin' on the audiobook of A Handyman Can't Fix The Wasteland Vol. 1

^Here’s a sample of what I’m working on^

A Handyman Can’t Fix The Wasteland Vol. 1 goes live in two days. The ebook is done. The paperback is complete. The audiobook is in the works. I’ve actually recorded the whole book already, edited 11 chapters, and I’ve already decided that three of them need to be rerecorded. Maybe more . . . we’ll see. The performance is lacking in those three. One was so riddled with mistakes that I stopped editing it and moved to the next chapter. That being said, it’s going fairly well, especially considering that I completely recorded The Handyman twice until it was how I wanted it. You can see how well that turned out by signing up to my email newsletter.

Anyway, the Goodreads giveaway is still live, and I’m regretting, just a little, putting it up for so long. It ends March 16. Hopefully the extra time means more people get a chance to show an interest in it. If I had planned this better, I would have set it’s end date much closer to the actual release day. That way people could read it sooner to the release day, and potentially review it sooner too. I’d be curious to see how many of those 100 winners 1. actually read the book 2. actually leave a review afterward. Getting reviews is the ultimate goal. Hopefully some future readers of the next books too!

I’m also building a website for a friend of mine, so more of my time is going toward that. Getting started always has a few kinks to work out. Problems to solve before everything works relatively smoothly. Eventually, the plan is to narrate her audiobook too.

This link may expire on march 16, and I’ll most certainly forget I put it on this post, but here’s another link to the giveaway if you’d like to enter:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Handyman Can't Fix The Wasteland Vol. 1 by Joshua B. Coleman

A Handyman Can't Fix The Wasteland Vol. 1

by Joshua B. Coleman

Giveaway ends March 16, 2023.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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Paul travels The Wasteland looking for work, but he’s mistaken for a rampaging maniac. When he’s facing certain death, a townsperson saves him and gives him a job. Now Paul owes her his life. But as he gets to know this odd woman, he finds she’s just as unstable as the rest of civilization. Maybe she’s just another crazy person that’s managed to survive The Wasteland. Can he perform the job without being killed by others in the town? Can he clear his name and prove that he’s just a simple handyman? Or will The Wasteland prevail and take his life? Read more.

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