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Update 05-02-23

Author Update 05-02-23

Sometimes work sucks: I'm tired.

I’ve been getting distracted. There are other things I’d like to learn in life, so I’ve been putting more time into other areas. That takes away the time I use for writing, though lets be honest, I don’t have a set schedule. Many days I’m so stinkin’ tired from work, the last thing I want to do is think about writing. Tonight is one of those nights. My body hurts. My eyes are dry. My mind feels like mush. I should just go to bed.

I want a job that’s not so taxing on my body. How is it that so many people can come up with work that exhausts me? Where’s the easy jobs that don’t require me to hold a pole saw for 4 hours? Lift rocks? Haul 15′ branches? Giant burn pile? Use a brush hog on a steep, bumpy slope? I think my clients are colluding against me. I’m not built for this sort of work, literally. I’ve been doing this for years and haven’t gained a single frinkin’ pound of muscle mass. I am what the doctors qualify as underweight. I always have been. So lets just say that I’m trying to plan the next phase of my life, which doesn’t involve gobs of laborious yard work.

Anyway, what little writing I have done recently has been going quite well. I wrote a whole new chapter, which pulled in intrigue I never fully intended. Another chapter, I added a new section to heighten the stakes. I hope it also provides a better transition into a serious conversation the characters have. At one point during the writing of the new chapter, I wondered if I was losing my humorous touch (since this book is a lot funnier than the first book, in my opinion). But after a read through with my writing critique group, and some minor reworkings of it, I got a few laughs and/or chuckles in there.

The 2nd Handyman book is currently around 51,398 words. I suspect it will be closer to 60,000 by the time it’s published.

Featured Book

Paul travels The Wasteland looking for work, but he’s mistaken for a rampaging maniac. When he’s facing certain death, a townsperson saves him and gives him a job. Now Paul owes her his life. But as he gets to know this odd woman, he finds she’s just as unstable as the rest of civilization. Maybe she’s just another crazy person that’s managed to survive The Wasteland. Can he perform the job without being killed by others in the town? Can he clear his name and prove that he’s just a simple handyman? Or will The Wasteland prevail and take his life? Read more.

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