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Update 06-20-24

Author Update – 06-20-24

Vol. 2 Audiobook is done

After a few months of delays, the audiobook of A Handyman Can’t Fix The Wasteland Vol. 2 is complete and uploaded. The book isn’t actually live yet, however, as each distributor has to process the files. This usually takes several days to complete, at which it will be made live at their convenience…

I upload the audiobook using Findaway Voices and ACX. Technically, Findaway will upload to ACX too, but if I use them directly, then I don’t have to share any percentage of royalties with Findaway (on top of the giant amount that ACX takes).

Findaway distributes the audiobook to nearly 40 websites, including to library systems. It’s super easy, and I love being able to get into libraries. Of course, not every library will have it available because they usually purchase a copy to circulate, but some libraries pay on a per-listen basis. Those that partake in that type of system have my audiobook available. Sometimes I’ll get one check-out a month, sometimes five or so. Now with another book, hopefully that increases.

Despite being seriously delayed because of sicknesses, I was delayed for other reasons. I’ve been working on a project for a friend that took away much of the time I would have put into the audiobook. Then, my perfectionism still kicked in, and I edited nearly the entire book for weird mouth noises. This is not normal, but I can’t help but try to make the experience the best I can.

So yeah, I’m like 3 months late, but it’s out finally, and I can start to work more on the next book. But, I’ve got a few chapters written already, and a basic idea of where the story is going. Not too long ago, I actually decided my initial idea needed to be changed a bit due to the changed ending of Vol. 2. This new direction will amp up the tension of the story much more than I had originally planned, which is always good. It also pushes the larger story forward much better.

Featured Book

Paul travels The Wasteland looking for work, but he’s mistaken for a rampaging maniac. When he’s facing certain death, a townsperson saves him and gives him a job. Now Paul owes her his life. But as he gets to know this odd woman, he finds she’s just as unstable as the rest of civilization. Maybe she’s just another crazy person that’s managed to survive The Wasteland. Can he perform the job without being killed by others in the town? Can he clear his name and prove that he’s just a simple handyman? Or will The Wasteland prevail and take his life? Read more.

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