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Update 11-23-22

Author Update 11-23-22

An update about what I'm working on.
Gobble Gobble. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I have a break from work, so I’m working on book stuff! My prequel/novella/reader magnet story is done! Next, I’ll be recording it. I’ve signed up to BookFunnel, which will handle the distribution of the free audiobook. When someone subscribes to my newsletter, they will receive a link to BookFunnel, which then gives the person several options on how they can listen. Easiest way: download it to your computer or device. Keep forever. Enjoy repeatedly. Tell all your friends and neighbors and people you pass by on the street.

I’ve run into one potential complication: BookFunnel limits their single-audio clip distribution to 120 minutes. My reader magnet is around 18,000 words, so it’s going to be really close, I think. Cross my fingers I don’t have to figure out how to make it shorter. And hopefully the file size limit doesn’t force me to crunch the quality to something that sounds horrendous.

I’m also working on my release plan for Hammer and Wails. First, I need to figure out the best way to attract people to my newsletter signup to build interest before release. Most likely, I’ll experiment with Facebook ads. I’m sure theirs some quirky people on there who are looking for a laugh. I’m preparing for other marketing opportunities as well, like using BookBub and Goodreads in addition to amazon ads, and some Microsoft ads (Microsoft ads tend to be less competitive, which means they are cheaper than Google).

I have someone interested in creating illustrations for my book, so I’ll be following up with him soon to see if it will work. I really really hope it does.

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Paul travels The Wasteland looking for work, but he’s mistaken for a rampaging maniac. When he’s facing certain death, a townsperson saves him and gives him a job. Now Paul owes her his life. But as he gets to know this odd woman, he finds she’s just as unstable as the rest of civilization. Maybe she’s just another crazy person that’s managed to survive The Wasteland. Can he perform the job without being killed by others in the town? Can he clear his name and prove that he’s just a simple handyman? Or will The Wasteland prevail and take his life? Read more.

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