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Illustration Snippet

Illustrations in Volume 2

A look at the raw images before they're beautified.

Here are a few scans of the original images I drew for A Handyman Can’t Fix The Wasteland Vol. 2: Power Struggle. I drew a few more than the last book, but I’m just sharing a couple scans here. In several cases, you’ll see that the there are certain images that I put together digitally to make them whole. If I messed up on a head, then I redid it and combined them later, or a face, or whatever. I also darkened and cleaned up the images for final viewing. All of these are drawn with a standard ballpoint pen.

Handyman vol 2 drawing_5
Handyman vol 2 drawing_3
Handyman vol 2 drawing_2

Featured Book

Paul travels The Wasteland looking for work, but he’s mistaken for a rampaging maniac. When he’s facing certain death, a townsperson saves him and gives him a job. Now Paul owes her his life. But as he gets to know this odd woman, he finds she’s just as unstable as the rest of civilization. Maybe she’s just another crazy person that’s managed to survive The Wasteland. Can he perform the job without being killed by others in the town? Can he clear his name and prove that he’s just a simple handyman? Or will The Wasteland prevail and take his life? Read more.

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